Rideegama Ayu Rice

Rideegama Ayu Rice

Rideegama Ayu Rice

This is a wholesome red rice variety which when cooked takes on a deep rich burgundy color, rich with nutrients and in proteins, and is an excellent choice for your everyday meal due to the indigenous medicinal value.

The product has been considered divine rice in traditional Sinhalese culture which has one of the lowest glycemic index (GI) & has an High Amylose Content that makes the blood glucose levels to rise the slowest from all rice & wheat varieties & lowers the cholesterol level.

Product Features

  • No preservatives added
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Diabetes Controller
  • Cholesterol Controller   

Nutritional Analysis

Nutrient           Avg per 100 g
Calories (K cal) 315
Total Fat(g) 2.5
Saturated Fat(g) 0.7
Trans Fat(g)   0
Total Carbohydrate(g) 66
Dietary Fiber(g)  10
Sugars(g)  1
Protein (g) 6.0

Shelf life

  • 12 months from the date of manufacturing


  • Store in ambient condition & avoid exposure to sunlight


  • 440g / 900g Bag