Welcome to Madampe Mills Pvt Ltd.

Our history of manufacturing coconut oil dates back to the year 1890.

In a rural village in the southern province named “Waskaduwa”, lived an Arryayan family clan by the name of “Agampodi” who produced coconut oil for medicinal Ayurvedic purposes.

The art of manufacturing coconut oil has been passed down through generations and their descendants invite the world to share its benefits.

Manufacturing Food safely is our duty to mankind and we are absolutely committed to do so.

Come visit us and live safe.

We welcome you to pay a visit to our factory and experience our efforts in protecting Ayurvedic traditions in large quantity coconut food manufacture.

The taste and healing properties of our products are outstanding because of our family recipe. Our products standards are certified both locally and internationally.

So let's take few minutes to inspect our manufacture. We assure once you see our capabilities, your next order will be placed with us

Our factory dates back to 1938, situated in the heart of the Coconut triangle in Sri Lanka, in a beautiful village named “Tambagala” in the Chilaw city area which is rich with mild temperature, earth conditions and talented workforce for coconut plantation and production purposes.

Since our factory is located in a coconut land of 27 acres owned by us, we have taken firm environment protection steps during our operation. We follow strict emission exhaust control and use a biomass 6 ton boiler for our entire operation's energy requirements. All waste water is re-used in our vegetation tanks.

We hold generations of trusting bond with our employees and coorperation with coconut producers. Thus we have a very strong coconut supplier chain, a close grip in the local coconut auctions holding the fair trade in place with control over the raw material.

Come, let’s talk coconuts.

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