Why Madampe Mills (Pvt) ltd. ?

We offer Organic virgin coconut oil and Dried Coconut with, Clarity, Purity, Temperature controlled screw pressed, Organic and naturally produced, Moisture control, Odor control, Long shelf life, Ability for private labeling,  Local distributor availability, Money back guarantee on any product fault, Largest manufacturer of Virgin coconut oil in Sri Lanka for 2017 ratings, Products certified and guaranteed by the Coconut Development Authority of Sri  Lanka, In house laboratory facility for in house product line testing, Ability to host foreign buyer / investigators for product line inspection, Many foreign standard certification which are namely, ISO 2200 HACCP, Organic, JAS.

Madampe Mills Virgin Cococnut Oil

  • This is your ideal opportunity to sign up for a steady supply of guaranteed coconut produce from Direct manufacturing factory.
  • All produce naturally produced  with ultra modern state of the art technology which is unique to Sri Lankan produced.
  • Ability to discuss negotiate price as per the prevailing world market and raw material prices.
  • The unique taste of Sri Lankan coconut is harvested so naturally to serve your dish extremely with care.
  • We produce our goods to suite any market.
  • We can supply produce in 500, 1000 ML large lid jars, 1000-5000 L tort bags, Oil container.




  • It is remarkable the range of products at Madampe Mills and known for its best quality. The reputation is well deserved for the great customer service and supply and I would like to thank Madampe Mills as one of the comfortably satisfied patrons. Keep up the good work!
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